Importance of T-shirts

T-shirts often reflect the identity of one’s self. It would not be wrong to say, everyone has its own perfect type of T-shirt to wear. Over years, T-shirts have transformed from a means of cover to self-express and are a very important asset in anyone’s clothing regime. T-shirts are our exclusive storyboards that we love to play around to exhibit freely, without the fear of judgment.  Apart from being the most comfortable of the clothes, T-shirts help out in giving all sorts of messages, glamorous looks sometimes and whatnot in their extreme efficacious forms.

T-shirts express your identity

T-shirts are the most personal canvas for individuals to represent their inner self. They carry personal and social messages, hobbies, passions, interests, slogans, creative designs, preachings, and express the wearers in their truest nature. Sometimes, what you aren’t confident to say out loud, you can reveal it by your T-shirt.

Such identifications also create opportunities to meet new and like-minded folks, impress and sometimes educate society by the choices that you make. We have seen conversations happening, if you are to wear a ‘Spiritual’ or a ‘Zodiac’ design and you bump into another believer. The art on your T-shirt sometimes is the best way to communicate the world,’who you are.’

 You are about to bring a social change

Owing to some recent events, there is a surge in people wearing tees with slogans like, ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Such a form of expression tells the world that you support a cause.

Your silent support strengthens the number of people who desire change. We all know it was non-violence that brought about India’s independence. And now, it is this silent support that would bring about the change that we desire and make the world a better place to live for everyone.

 It lets you communicate better

When your T-shirt carries identifiers from your favourite sport, extra-curriculars, color symbols or likewise; you are communicating your preference. Imagine being out on a blind date and luckily your partner is sporting a similar quote as you are, like ‘Music is my life.’ That is bound to get the conversation started.

And, Yes! It is the most comfortable form of clothing

Let us talk about its primal usage; giving warmth and comfort. If you are in a hurry, you must have often heard the phrase, ‘throw on a Tee.’ Wearing and carrying a T-shirt is as simple as throwing it on. T-shirt is the second best thing that you would prefer to get cosy and cuddle with, if not the first. You may not notice, but it is the comfort, warmth and a hug of a T-shirt that has helped you sleep better most times. Comfort sometimes varies with T-shirt sizes and occasions. If you sport a chiselled physique and you are looking to impress, you may prefer a more hugging, snug fit T-shirt. If it is the utmost comfort that you are looking for, an oversized, loose fit T-shirt may come in handy.

 After reading this, imagine the weight the T-shirts carry on their shoulders or should we rather say yours. But worry not, your favourite Tees are there to support you through ups and downs, all the way to hug you while you seek comfort through a sleepless night.

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